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- CA Saksham Agarwal

From the Chairman's Desk

As a chairman of Eshan College, I envision creating a platform where potential can find opportunities.

We believe in continuous learning and development and therefore aim to provide students with the best infrastructure and faculties, which will help them in increasing their skills and competence.

We aspire to take Eshan college to new heights with our passion and zeal.

We welcome you to join a community of learners, where they are 11,500+ alumni, 250+ Faculty experts, and 1500+ Peers.

Together we have come a long way, with you we look forward to taking it further.

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The Innovative Spirit:


In the COVID-19 Crisis, the Electrical Engineering Students developed a smart hand sanitizing device. We appreciate the team efforts of Ranveer Verma, Jai Kishan Kashyap, Ravi Kumar Kardam, Pradeep Yadav, and Nitin Kumar under the guidance of Mr.R.S.Pathak (HOD-EE).

The main purpose of this project is to sanitize the hand without touching the device. This device gives the real time status of the system and there is an ultrasonic sensor which detects the presence of a hand below 15cm of it. It will trigger the sanitizer pump in order to pour the liquid on the hands and it will count the number of persons being sanitized and shows it on the main display with the word “COUNTER: 1”. After few seconds, red LED will light up.


Advantages of 360 Degree Urban Rotating Vehicle:-

o It consumes very little time to turn from one direction to another direction.

o It is more efficient compared to other types of load-carrying vehicles.

o This type of load carry vehicle is easily parked in any direction.

o It is a less costly load carry vehicle.

o Eco-friendly.

o Less noise operation.

o Battery operated thus no fuel required.

o More efficient.

o The battery is using in this 360-degree wheel rotation vehicle to move forward and backward, so it is a kind of pollution-free vehicle.

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